Signs of Seller Fraud on Buy and Sell Websites

Keeping our members safe is a top priority for us, so we have zero tolerance for fraud on Zoom Tanzania. If you spot something suspicious, let us know.

8. Dec 2022
Signs of Seller Fraud on Buy and Sell Websites

Here are some warning signs to look out for:

Short duration listings: Fraudulent sellers often want to close a deal quickly. The longer their listing is on Zoom Tanzania, the greater their chances of being caught, so be cautious when you see one-day listings. However, there are valid exceptions to this, such as tickets to an event happening soon

Heavily discounted or sold-out items: Be wary if a seller has lots of high-value items at suspiciously low prices, or a stock of hard-to-find goods that are sold out everywhere else. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is

Off-Zoom Tanzania contact or payment: Zoom Tanzania Messages is the safest way to contact other members. Always be careful if a seller asks for your personal contact details, such as an email address or phone number. They may be trying to get you to complete a purchase off Zoom Tanzania, for example by paying cash or transferring money to an overseas account. This is against our policy.

Unsafe payment methods: We don't allow all payment methods on Zoom Tanzania, because We can't trace or recovered if there's a problem. This may include a request for MPesa,TigoPesa wire transfers, and all types of money transfers, You shouldn't go ahead with a transaction if a seller asks you to pay using any method.

How to report a seller you suspect is fraudulent

If you think you're dealing with a fraudulent seller, report it to us as soon as possible. 

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